15 June 2023

Unbelievable: AI wrote a poem, birthday blessings overflowing

In the realm of stars and celestial light,

There exists a soul that shines so bright.

Today we gather, hearts full of cheer,

To celebrate the day you entered here.

My dearest love, my guiding star,

You illuminate my world from afar.

With every smile, you paint my days,

Filling them with love in countless ways.

AI wrote a poem on my wife's birthday | Image by pexels.com 

Like a delicate blossom, you gracefully bloom,

Radiating beauty, dispelling all gloom.

Your laughter tinkles, a melody divine,

Bringing joy and warmth, forever mine.

Your kindness, a beacon, a gentle embrace,

Spreading compassion, leaving no trace

Of sorrow or worry in anyone's heart,

For you possess an extraordinary art.

Your strength, unwavering, in times of strife,

An unwritten anthem, the soundtrack of life.

Together we weather every storm that may come,

Our love, an anchor, forever and some.

With each passing year, your spirit grows,

A tapestry of wisdom, life's highs and lows.

As time paints silver threads in your hair,

My love for you only deepens, beyond compare.

On this special day, your birth we celebrate,

A precious gift to the world, so innate.

May your path be filled with endless delight,

And blessings shower you, morning to night.

Happy birthday, my love, my heart's delight,

Forever grateful, you make my world so bright.

In your embrace, I've found a love so true,

Today and always, I'm devoted to you.

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  1. The world of AI is future threatening... What do you say?


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