07 June 2023

Time Will Tell | 1 Poem Touches The Heart And Reveals The Truth

"Time Will Tell" explores the characteristics of human beings. Pretending to be someone else should not be done. You will eventually be seen in the real light and in real time.

Poem | Time Will Tell

Poem "Time Will Tell"

No point in pretending to be something you’re not,

you may think you’re a top cat in and around the street. 

What goes around comes around, no matter how long it takes, 

It will always catch up to you eventually, 

Be aware that people talk and they will listen, 

When you stand and smile and wave, not everyone is your friend. 

That’s all make believe, some merely tolerate you with kindness, 

Sooner or later that mask you wear so well,

will slip and fall and only then will they see the real you in the real light, 

It’s all a matter of time

About author

John Blyth
I Write Spec Scripts In My Spare Time, I Hope One Day I Have My Own TV Show Or Even A Movie. Also A Poet.

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