07 June 2023

Poem: When I Tell You I’m A Poet

 I am seriously telling you...

Read the poem | When I tell you I’m a Poet

When I tell you I’m a Poet
Poem | When I tell you I’m a Poet

When I tell you I’m a poet-

please take me seriously  

don’t think I’m some cute girl

who writes a few verses in her room

about how your kiss is a new kind of heaven

Poetry for me has a much deeper meaning,

poetry is how I bleed out all of my emotions

I hold within 

When I tell you I’m a poet-

please don’t laugh at me or mock me

don’t berate the simplicity of my words

I weave into verse

It’s how I make sense of my explosion of thoughts

It’s how I express what I can’t say out loud

When I tell you I’m a poet-

don’t try to cure me of my poetic nature

and prey on my insecurities and try to kill

my dreams of making my art seen

I know how the odds are stacked against 

someone like me

I don’t do it to make it to the mainstream-

I do it so other women like me 

can be seen, can be inspired to dream

And finally when I tell you I’m a poet-

Appreciate the artist in me,

make yourself a sanctuary to put my poetry in-

I’m not asking for endless compliments or an ego boost

I’m asking for a safe space in you to love

the poet I hold within

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Eliza D Poet and Writer

The Leslie Knope Of Administrative Assistants , Mother Of 3 Boys, Writer, Story Teller

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