20 December 2018

"Don't Feel Safe In India" - Naseeruddin Shah

I was shocked when I saw this video, Naseeruddin Shah said that he has frightened and worried to stay in India. But My question is why he said like that and who made him to go front of media. Whatever he said is true and absolutely right. I admit what I wanted to convey the message.

He said it's our country and no one has the right to vacate us from our motherland. The thinking of common man will not go away and it is very difficult to admit that Hindu and Muslim are made from the same blood.

India is going to face a very difficult situation? Personally, I feel that we are grown in the country and we should not think that way, multiplying such thought keeps spreading nerves to nerves and we human communicate through mouth publicity thus anger keeps spreading inside and the brain accept the wrong thing right.

I work in an office and we work together irrespective of religions. Never ever thought indifference between our behaviours. Those people are different that we really care for their family, they are human of hot blood who eat their father's money and do no jobs. They get paid for making such a riot and disturb the peaceful life of a common man.

The man who lives his peaceful life has no time to go and watch or taking a part in such a debate. I suggest we together better spread a word to stop such things in society and live our life happily.

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