11 June 2023

Freelancers who are complaining about AI

Freelancers who are complaining about AI replacing them have got AI all wrong. Instead of looking at copy and thinking,

"AI could have done it"

Ask yourself,

"What would it TAKE for me to use AI to create such copy?"

AI isn't going to whip up copy out of thin air.

  • It's going to need a ton of inputs
  • Training
  • High specificity
  • More training
  • Correction
  • Editing
  • Even more training

Before it can create something that is... roughly 90% of what you're looking for.

Your +10% is what will turn the copy into 100% and beyond.

Now think:

"How many people will put in all this time, effort, and resources into training AI?"

Rarely any.

Definitely not your potential clients - they have much more focus on.

They're not going to pick AI over you.

  • AI is not replacing you.
  • If you are great at what you do,
  • AI will assist you in doing your job even better.
  • Use AI, work faster, impress your clients, and onboard more clients.

Now do you understand?

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