22 November 2018

What is Wrong Happening to Bollywood - Newcomers are Going Under Lip Surgery

What Is wrong Happening to Bollywood - New Comers are Going Lip Surgery

There are many celebrities who's surgery went wrong. In Bollywood, Changing lips shape and size has been now trending. Few of them got luckier and few ruined their beautiful face look.

Recently I saw a pic of Ayesha Takia, She looks very different than her natural innocent look. Now her face has been changed considerably and her lips look somewhat same like others who went lips surgery.

The list in Bollywood going up day to day with surgery transformation, we have nowadays many examples in our industry. But what would happen if everyone looks same? For the director, it would be difficult to cast as per their preference, role and if he wants innocent and cute look then where the director will find that face?

The actress like Anushka Sharma who went twice for lips surgery at the time of PK, due to its rubbish shape she scared for days. Before waste no time, she made it better and now it looks good.

There is another example in front of us, Mouni Roy, now she is in a list of the top Indian actress. When she had started her career, the fad of such surgery was not that popular. The time is getting change and competition among the actress has been increasing. Everyone wants to be on the top in Bollywood.

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